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Classic Licorice Lovers Box

For the Licorice Lover! Our Classic International Licorice Box is brimming with rare and unusual Licorice sourced from all ends of the globe! The Classic Box is ideal for a month of daily treats for one, or a licorice feast to share with a small group.

Deluxe Licorice Lovers Box

Imagine a "Tasting Flight" for the serious Licorice Lover! Our Deluxe International Licorice Box is packed with the hard-to-find, the small batch, artisanal varieties and licorice lover favorites. The Deluxe box is sized for a month of Licorice love for one, or a celebration to share with the Office, friends or family.

Classic Childhood Favorites Box

Turning 90 or 9 our "Penny Box" is the perfect sweet treat to celebrate the occasion! Our Classic Penny Box is a scrumptious assortment of America's timeless sweets. The assortment includes "classics" and "classics-in-the-making" sized for a month of treats for one-- or to be used as a delicious party box to share with a small group.

Deluxe Childhood Favorites Box

Someone special turning 9 or 99? Our Deluxe Childhood Favorites Box is a sumptuous celebration of favorite memories plus the newest classics for all generations to enjoy! The Deluxe box is a generous month of sweet treats for one-- or a terrific party-in-a-box to share with the office, family, or friends. Everyone will find a favorite-guaranteed!

Classic International Explorers Box

Our Classic "International Explorers" Box is for the traveller with a collection of favorite sweet memories from treats tasted the world over! Here they are again-- no passport required--delivered right to your door ! The Classic Explorers Box is sized for a month of daily treats for one, or is the ideal party-in-a-box to share with a small group.

Deluxe International Explorers Box

For the world traveler who enjoys experiencing the unique treats that define countries and cultures! Our Deluxe Explorers box is a fabulous month of culinary travel without leaving home-- or makes for a fun and adventurous party box to share with the Office, family and friends.

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